Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program

Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Youth gymnasts who want to experience being on a competitive team, but still have time to pursue other interests, will love our Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program in Madison.

The Xcel program at Lake City Twisters allows gymnasts the opportunity to develop their skills while consistently being challenged and engaged. Our dedicated, experienced coaching staff allow each gymnast to express their individuality and work with each one to guide them toward their goals in gymnastics. By striving to teach hard work, accountability, goal-setting and perseverance our coaches lead the team to be great people in and out of the gym.

Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program:

  • Consists of four competitive levels at Lake City Twisters (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond). Gold, Platinum and Diamond gymnasts get to choose their own music and have routines choreographed to their skill set.

  • Allows your child to experience the benefits of competitive gymnastics

  • Requires less of a weekly time commitment than other competitive programs

Read through our FAQs to learn more about our Xcel Program in Madison or contact us online to get started.