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Interested in signing up your child for gymnastics? Get our advice on the best time to get started.

Do you remember the first time you nailed a somersault? Or maybe a cartwheel? You probably still recall the elation and excitement of finally accomplishing something you’d practiced. The fun, the sense of accomplishment, the feel of moving your body…kids enjoy all that and more when they move their bodies and get involved in gymnastics programs.
Teaching kids to follow an active lifestyle while they’re young offers big health benefits, and organized activities provide children with great opportunities for physical and social development, too. Heading to a gymnastics gym provides a great way to get your children moving. But what is gymnastics? How will they benefit your kids? When is the best time to sign your child up for gymnastics? We answer all that and more!

Gymnastics for Kids – What is It?

What’s gymnastics? You might think of them as the incredible feats of power and flexibility you see on the international stage during the Olympics. It’s an exercise and lifestyle program that brings together flexibility, balance, speed, power, coordination, and strength. It’s great for both boys and girls and can be excellent for helping children develop their balance, coordination, and basic motor skills. In the beginning, gymnastics classes often focus on mastering simple, basic body positions, such as rolling, tucking, and straddling, paving the way for them to progress to balance skills like walking, hopping, and jumping on a balance beam.

While it might sound a bit too “organized” for younger kids, remember children don’t have to be gymnasts to enjoy all the fun and benefits of using a gymnastics gym. Do your kids love exploring, squirming, being active, and having fun? If so, they’re going to love gymnastics.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids

As a comprehensive lifestyle exercise program, whether kids get involved in recreational or competition gymnastics, the activity offers many benefits. Staying physically active helps reduce the risk of obesity, not only in childhood but also as an adult, lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems linked to obesity and inactivity. Participating in gymnastics also lays an athletic foundation for kids, developing physical strength and mental toughness that can help kids as they go on to play other sports.

Kids who participate in gymnastics have the chance to communicate with other children their own age, building important social skills like respecting others, following directions, listening, and taking turns. Children also build a range of coordination and motor skills while developing body awareness and develop excellent muscle strength, power, and balance. Researchers have even found links between physical activity and a boost in children’s self-esteem.

The Best Time to Sign Up Your Child for Gymnastics

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of getting your kids involved in gymnastics, you’re probably wondering when’s the best time to sign up your child for gymnastics. The truth – there’s no hard and fast rule here. USA gymnastics notes that kids under three can take gymnastics classes with a parent. While the American Academy of Pediatrics feels that kids under six years of age aren’t ready for organized sports, they do suggest that younger kids practice their motor skills by tumbling and running in a fun environment.

It really depends on your child. Even if your child isn’t ready for formal classes yet, if they love tumbling and rolling around, they can benefit from being active with all the great equipment available in a gymnastics gym. Remember, the goal is to get your kids active while they have a great time, and that’s exactly what we focus on at Lake City Twisters.

Characteristics of a Great Kids’ Gymnastics Gym

What should you look for in a great kids’ gymnastics gym? Safety first! You’ll want to make sure your children are in a safe environment with coaches that are skilled in shaping young gymnasts. If your child will be taking formal classes, you want them to learn from instructors who have a motivating instruction style while still pushing them to develop their skills. And don’t forget the fun factor. While you want children of every age to develop important motor skills, build strength, and develop social skills, there should be an emphasis on having fun. Part of making physical activity a lifelong pursuit is ensuring that kids learn the joys of movement while they’re young. At Lake City Twisters, we offer a trampoline, obstacle course, bouncy house, and other fun equipment and activities.

Interested in getting your child started with gymnastics? We offer open gym days to help children of all ages develop their skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Contact our team at Lake City Twisters to learn more!