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While the name sounds ambitious, there are many benefits for children who participate in the Junior Olympics Gymnastics Program. It was established to provide a solid foundational approach for all students, regardless of potential, to learn foundational skills and safety in the sport of gymnastics while providing the ability for each student to advance at his or her own pace.

Understanding Junior Olympic Gymnastics Levels

There are ten developmental levels within the junior gymnastics program that are divided into three essential segments. The first segment is purely developmental and usually non-competitive. This involves levels one through three and advancement is typically achievement-based. For instance, students advance once they’ve mastered a certain set of skill and strength objectives. Some gyms, however, use these early stages as an opportunity to introduce participants to compete with some states even offering state championships for gymnasts at these levels.

The second segment, while still compulsory, has required levels for competition, and includes levels four and five. These are progressive levels that require students to build upon the skills of their previous levels in order to advance. Competition is an important component of these levels. This includes the possibility for some students to participate in USA Gymnastics State Championships.

The third segment is optional and where the competition really heats up for participants. It involves levels six through ten. Parents should note that levels six through nine have difficulty restrictions to promote safety for participants. However, there are no such restrictions once students advance to level ten.

Level six students may advance to the State Championships, however, those in levels seven through ten have additional opportunities for competition. Qualifying level seven and eight gymnasts are eligible to compete in regional championships, level nine gymnasts can qualify through state and regional championships to participate in Eastern or Western Championships, and level ten gymnasts who qualify are eligible to compete in the Jr. Olympic National Championships!

What Is the Season for the Junior Gymnastics Program?

The competitive year for Junior Olympics Gymnastics begins on August 1 and runs through July 31 of the following calendar year. A competitive season begins with the first qualifying event of the year and runs through the Championships at each level of competition.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Students Who Participate

The Junior Olympics Gymnastics program offers many benefits to students. Not only does it provide an excellent resource for physical activity and fitness, something that is much needed by today’s youth, it also provides additional benefits that go much deeper. These are a few examples of the benefits students experience when participating in a competitive gymnastics program.

  • Builds discipline. Participants must work to accomplish goals and master skills to advance to the next level. This requires focus, dedication, and hard work on their part.
  • Boosts confidence. Nothing builds confidence quite like accomplishing difficult goals. With each new skill mastered, the children who participate experience major confidence boosts that help social and emotional development.
  • Learn sportsmanship. While the nature of the program is competitive, students also learn the importance of cheering on their peers and being healthy competitors. They even learn to help one another grow and develop their skills along the way.
  • Improved posture and coordination. Students who participate in gymnastics experience greater postural control and overall coordination, helping them to be less awkward when moving and avoiding many of the health conditions associated with poor posture.
  • Conditions the mind and body. Finally, participation in the Junior Olympics Gymnastics program helps students develop their minds and bodies for the rigors of competition and many other situations in life.

Perhaps the most important benefit of participating is the fun athletes  have during their tenure. Whether they advance to competitive gymnastics or move on the Olympic team, participants will build lifelong connections, make friends, and develop a deep love for the sport.

Why Choose Lake City Twisters Gymnastics?

Whether you believe your child has Olympic potential or just need an activity to help your child work off steam, get a little exercise, and improve coordination, Lake City Twisters Gymnastics has an opportunity for you. From recreational gymnastics programs, open gym events, and birthday parties to competitive gymnastics through the junior program, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for your child to learn, grow, and have fun while developing a deep love of physical activity and gymnastics in general.

We also offer a dedicated space for preschool gymnasts with small bars, beams, floor areas, and a rock wall to help them develop essential foundational skills. We are dedicated to the health and safety of all participants and parents are encouraged to watch from the viewing area. Contact Lake City Twisters Gymnastics today to learn more about the junior gymnastics program we offer and how we can help your budding gymnasts grow and thrive in this amazing sport.