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According to the American College of Sports Medicine, kids should be getting 60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. And when it comes to strength training, gymnastics is an excellent option for children, says the ACSM.

While you may be hoping that your child will go on to be a fierce competitor that wins gold medals galore, gymnastics offers a variety of benefits beyond competition. From the first time they start a gymnastics class, your kids will gain so much from this sport.

The following are just a few of the reasons to enroll your child in gymnastics this year.

1 – Kids Learn Mental Toughness and Persistence

When you enroll your child in gymnastics, you’ll quickly find that while it’s tons of fun, it’s also a sport where kids have to keep trying to achieve new moves. Kids have to work hard to learn new techniques in gymnastics, and they discover the importance of getting back out there, trying again, and finally mastering a skill. Good coaches teach kids to say “I can’t do it YET” instead of saying they can’t do it.

This isn’t just a valuable lesson for kids while in gymnastics class— it’s a valuable life lesson. All through life children will encounter situations where they aren’t the best or where they need to improve. When they discover the power of “yet,” they’ll have the mental toughness and persistence needed to keep working harder. Quitting isn’t an option, and learning that young builds character in kids that’ll last a lifetime.

2 – Gymnastics Benefits All Sports

Even if you don’t think your child will pursue gymnastics competitively long-term, one of the best reasons to enroll your child in gymnastics is because it offers an excellent foundation for all sports. When kids take gymnastics classes, they develop agility, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Those are all essential skills for every sport, whether it’s football, hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or baseball.

The running and speed techniques used to execute vault is similar to the quickness and power required to sprint down a court. That flexibility needed to do leg splits is the same that’s needed by a soccer or hockey player to save goals. Many children who start out in gymnastics go on to become excellent contenders in other sports because of the core strength, body awareness, and upper body strength they’ve developed in gymnastics.

3 – Teaches Kids Important Life Lessons and Social Skills

Enrolling your child in gymnastics gives them the chance to take classes with other children in their age group, which helps them build social skills while learning important life lessons. Kids learn about dedication and commitment while building skills like self-esteem and confidence. We offer gymnastics classes for all ages, including toddlers, because we know how great these classes can be for helping kids develop great social skills, even before they head off to school.

While in gymnastics, kids are required to take turns using equipment, listen to instructions, stand in line, and get along with others. Children also learn how to focus and remember the details of learning each new skill.

4 – Gymnastics is a Year-Round Sport

While a variety of sports are only seasonal and can’t be played during inclement weather, gymnastics is a year-round sport that isn’t affected by the weather at all. There’s no need to wait to get your kid involved. Children can take part in gymnastics classes year-round, so you can make sure they’re getting plenty of activity, no matter what the weather is. Since we have a comfortable gym for kids to use, gymnastics will go on, hot or cold, rain or shine.

Since gymnastics is a year-round sport, it’s a great choice for kids who may be in their “off” season for other sports. Even when other sports aren’t currently in season, kids can continue building coordination and strength that will benefit them when they do get back to those other sports when the season comes around again.

5 – Your Child Will Have Fun

One of the most important reasons to enroll your child in gymnastics is all the fun they’ll have along the way. Kids love getting involved in activities that include flips, tumbling, jumping, and swinging, which is why most kids really enjoy gymnastics. Regular gymnastics classes keep kids excited and all that fun activity releases endorphins in the brain that makes them feel happy.

There are plenty of great reasons to enroll your child in gymnastics classes, and Lake City Twisters is excited to have your child join one of our classes. Contact us today to find out which class works best for your child’s age and needs, so they can start enjoying all the benefits of gymnastics.