2024 LCT Spring Break

Come enjoy some open play time at LCT!  Your kids can bounce around on our trampolines, flip into the foam pit and run through our huge inflatable obstacle course!  There is something for all ages and abilities so bring the entire family to play!

Current Weekly Open Gym Schedule:

Saturdays 11:00am-12:30pm


Walking to Age 2:  $5/child
Ages 3-5:  $8/child
Ages 6-18:  $10/participant

Open Gym FAQs:

Can my child be dropped off?

All children ages 5 and under must have a supervisor (minimum age 16) accompanying them at all times during open gym.  Participants ages 6-18 are not required to have a supervisor stay with them once the participant has been signed in at the front desk.

Can someone else bring my child?

Yes!  As long as your child has a current waiver on file then they are welcome to attend with a babysitter or another family.

Do supervisors have to pay an entry fee?

No!  The supervisor attending with children 5 and under does not have to pay an entry fee for open gym.

Can I use open gym passes for siblings/friends?

Yes!  You are welcome to use any non-expired open gym passes for siblings, friends, cousins, etc.

Can adults go on the equipment?

No!  Our insurance does not allow anyone over the age of 18 to use our facility.  We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this policy.

Can my child bring snacks?

Yes!  You are welcome to bring in outside food/drinks.  We ask that all food and drinks remain in our lobby area and are consumed at the tables or countertop.  We do have a small concessions stand to purchase snacks and drinks.

Is all of the equipment open?

Open gym participants will NOT have access to our competition high bars.  All other equipment including the competition low bars is open during open gym.  Our back gym is open only to participants ages 6 and under.  Thank you for your cooperation regarding this policy.

Will the bouncy house be out?

Yes!  The large bouncy house will be setup at all of our open gyms!

We are looking forward to seeing your family at Open Gym!

Other Programs

Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program

Youth gymnasts who want to experience being on a competitive team, but still have time to pursue other interests, will love our Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program in Madison.

Developmental Program

Our Development Program is comprised of Levels 3-10. Our teams practice 4-10 hours a week for compulsory levels and 15-20 hours a week for our Optional level gymnasts.
Gymnastics Classes

Motivating instruction

You’ll never hear our coaches using authoritative, ego-driven instructions. Instead, our athletes derive the personal motivation they need to succeed.

Gymnastics Classes

Encouraging coaches

Whether a young gymnast hits the mark or not, our coaches are bursting with compliments and an encouraging perspective that invites opportunities to learn and grow.

Gymnastics Classes

Safe environment

Just when a new skill or apparatus seems impossible, our highly attentive and trained team helps athletes progress their skills in a gym where safety always comes first.

Gymnastics Classes


At its core, gymnastics is fun! We encourage young athletes to let loose and have some fun as they discover the joys of movement, play, and personal development.

50% Off First Month For New Enrollments

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See What Parents Say

“I joined Madtown Twisters in the August of 2018, which a year later became LCT. In the time I’ve been here I’ve gotten to be part of the wonderful culture that this place radiates. The staff here are very welcoming and are always available to talk to if I need anything. The culture at LCT is enjoyable to be a part of and produces phenomenal results. Every day I look forward to going to the gym. When walking in, it is usual to be greeted by the front desk, my coaches, or my teammates.”
Level 10 Gymnast
“I have been at LCT for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t love it more! I love to practice every day knowing that the coaches will be there to support me and help me reach my goals. Everyone in the gym is so kind and inspiring, and always puts a smile on my face! I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing team, and gym!”
Level 9 Gymnast