Open Gym Gymnastics

Open Gym Gymnastics in Madison, Wisconsin

Welcome to Lake City Twisters, your go-to destination for open gym gymnastics in Madison, WI! We are all about giving children the freedom to explore, learn, and play in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Our open gym gymnastics program is specially designed to cater to kids, helping them build strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.

We offer two unique experiences at our open gym gymnastics:
  1. Main gym: open to all ages during open gym play times
  2. Designated Preschool Room Open to age 5 & under

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About Open Gym Gymnastics

Open gym gymnastics in Madison is a free-play environment where children can discover and enjoy gymnastics at their own pace. Unlike traditional gymnastics classes that follow a structured routine, open gym sessions give kids the freedom to try different equipment, learn new skills, and interact with others. This approach not only fosters a love for the sport but also encourages creativity, independence, and social interaction.

Open Gym Gymnastics madison wi

Everyone is Welcome

You don’t need to be a gymnast to enjoy all the fun of our gymnastics gym! If your child enjoys squirming, exploring, and having fun, they’ll love it here.

Open Gym Gymnastics


When it’s too cold, hot, wet – or anything else – outside, open gym is the place to be! Take advantage of our climate-controlled spot that will help little ones burn loads of energy.

Open Gym Gymnastics

Safe Play

Our compassionate and attentive team will be there to put safety first. We’ll keep an eye on the action to ensure everyone has fun without any boo-boos.

Open Gym Gymnastics

Exhilarating Fun

Remember when you were a child and you ran, jumped, and laughed until you broke a sweat? Our obstacle course, bouncy house, trampoline, and other activities will give your child all that exhilaration – and more!

Premier Facilities for Open Gym Gymnastics in Madison

At Lake City Twisters, we’re proud to house one of the finest facilities for open gym gymnastics in Madison, WI. We’ve carefully curated an environment that fosters exploration, learning, and development in every young gymnast.

Our open gym spans a generous space filled with a wide array of top-tier gymnastics apparatus. We offer options from balance beams, uneven bars, and more. This diversity of equipment allows your child to get a taste of every gymnastic discipline and find what they love the most.

In addition to traditional gymnastics equipment, we feature multiple trampolines and a foam pit. The trampolines add an extra layer of excitement and thrill, perfect for practicing flips, jumps, and bounds safely. The foam pit, a big favorite amongst our younger visitors, is an ideal spot for them to experiment with new moves fearlessly.

Moreover, we house a floor area that’s designed with spring-loaded panels. This area is perfect for practicing routines or simply letting off some steam! It provides an optimal surface for children to safely practice their gymnastics skills, cushioning their landings and reducing impact stress on their bodies.

We’ve also designed specific areas for younger children, ensuring they have safe, age-appropriate spaces to explore and enjoy. These areas feature soft play equipment and smaller apparatus, perfect for their budding gymnastic skills.

Our open gym is not just about the equipment; it’s also about the atmosphere. We’ve worked hard to create a vibrant, dynamic environment that stimulates and motivates kids. Bright colors, uplifting music, and an overall positive vibe make our open gym an inviting and enjoyable space for children to spend time.

Safety First

Your child’s safety is our top priority at Lake City Twisters. Our open gym sessions are always supervised by our team of certified and experienced coaches. They are on hand to ensure safe use of the equipment, provide guidance, and offer tips to improve techniques. Furthermore, we maintain high cleanliness and safety standards, regularly inspecting and cleaning our equipment to provide a secure environment for your child.

Skill Development with Open Gym Gymnastics in Madison, WI

Open gym gymnastics in Madison at Lake City Twisters is an exceptional platform for skill development in young gymnasts. From honing existing abilities to discovering new techniques, our open gym environment enables children to push boundaries and broaden their gymnastic horizons.

One of the greatest benefits of an open gym environment is the freedom it offers. With no strict regimen or structured class format, children are free to explore at their own pace. They can spend time mastering a specific skill, try their hands at different equipment, or simply let their imagination guide their gymnastics play.

Skill development at our open gym goes beyond physical gymnastic skills. It’s an opportunity for children to learn self-discipline, as they must decide how to best use their time at the gym. They get to practice patience as they wait for their turn on the equipment and learn persistence as they attempt new skills. An open gym can also foster a sense of independence and confidence as children navigate the gym and make decisions independently.

Moreover, our open gym encourages social skill development. It’s a space where children can interact with others who share their passion for gymnastics. They can learn from their peers, offer encouragement, and maybe even form lasting friendships!

Our experienced coaches are always present during open gym sessions to ensure safety and provide guidance. They are there to offer tips, demonstrate correct techniques, and provide encouragement. Their support is often key to children trying and mastering new skills.

Furthermore, the open gym acts as a supplementary resource for those enrolled in our regular classes. It’s an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned, reinforce their skills, and prepare for upcoming lessons or performances. For competitive gymnasts, the open gym offers additional training time to perfect their routines and improve their performance.

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Who Can Attend Open Gym?

Our open gym gymnastics in Madison is open to children of all skill levels and ages. It’s a great opportunity for those who have never tried gymnastics to experience the sport. At the same time, seasoned gymnasts can use this time to practice their skills outside of their regular classes.

Join Us for Open Gym Gymnastics in Madison, WI

Experience the fun and freedom of open gym gymnastics at Lake City Twisters! Our welcoming, safe, and well-equipped facility is the perfect place for kids to explore and enjoy gymnastics. Come join us and discover the many benefits that this fantastic sport can offer your child.

Ready to dive into the world of gymnastics? Contact us today to find out more about our open gym gymnastics in Madison, WI. We look forward to welcoming your family to our gymnastics community!

See What Parents Say

"Hello Lake City Twisters! I wanted to say thank you again for allowing the East Madison Extended Day classroom have an hour of Open Gym play. Your space was a great place to give the children an opportunity to not only explore the equipment you provide for your athletes but to run and play in a open space during the winter time. Gross motor activities are very important to pre-school aged children and there aren't very many places indoors where our children can easily access. The children had a blast and were talking about their time at Lake City Twisters for days! Thank you again and we hope to visit Lake City Twisters again!"
Maria Musolf
Bilingual Family Outreach Worker