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After kids spend some time enjoying tumbling and non-competitive gymnastics, many parents begin wondering, “Is my child ready for competitive gymnastics?” And as many teams wind down their competitive seasons and start holding placements or sending invitations to bring in new members, perhaps this question has become more prevalent in your mind.

It can be exciting — for both you and your child — to consider going to a competitive level in gymnastics. But before you say yes to a kids competitive gymnastics program, it’s important to understand more about what it entails to be on a team and whether your child is really ready for competitive gymnastics. Here are a few tips to help you determine if your child is ready to compete.

1 – Make Sure Your Child Loves Gymnastics

First, take time to make sure your child really loves gymnastics. Do they get excited about the non-competitive program they’re a part of now?

Getting involved in a competitive program takes a lot of time and it’s a financial investment for your family. You want to make sure your child truly loves the sport before the two of you make this commitment together.

And remember, even if your child really loves gymnastics as a wonderful way to challenge their strength and as an outlet for their feelings, they still might not be interested in competing. As you try to figure out if competition is the next step for them, remember that it is okay for them to enjoy being involved in the sport without choosing to be dedicated to the competitive elements of gymnastics.

2 – Discuss the Commitment and Consequences That Come with Competitive Gymnastics

Before determining if your child is ready for competitive gymnastics, sit down and discuss the commitment — and the consequences of it — with your child. Being a part of a team comes with a greater commitment. Your child may need to miss other activities or give up being involved in other sports they enjoy to get involved in competitive gymnastics. Find out if they’re really willing to do that.

Depending on the time period of the commitment and your child’s age, consider whether it’s reasonable to expect your child to be able to commit for this amount of time. If they’re not ready for this time of time commitment, you want to find out now before you make a financial investment.

3 – Is Your Child’s Body and Mind Ready?

When trying to determine if your child is ready for competitive gymnastics, you also must consider whether your child’s body and mind are ready. Every child develops at different speeds. Does your child have the hand-eye coordination and other complex motor skills needed to move to the next level right now? Is your child mentally ready to handle the pressure of competing on a regular basis?

4 – Is your Child Excited or Reluctant?

As you talk to your child about the possibility of competition, pay attention to whether they’re excited about the idea or if they seem reluctant. If they’re excited about the extra time and effort required to compete, then they may be ready to take this step. However, if they seem more hesitant when you talk about competing, they may not be ready or this may not be something they want to pursue.

Remember, you don’t want to push your child into competing if they’re not fully ready to take that step. Pushing your child if they’re reluctant may result in them wanting to quit midway through the season, which can be costly. It’s better to have an honest conversation and know how they really feel now.

5 – Ask Your Child Why They Want to Compete in Gymnastics

If your child does seem excited about the idea of being involved in a kids competitive gymnastics program, ask them why they want to compete. Why does your child want to be a part of a competitive team? You may end up getting some insightful answers that can start a deeper conversation that’ll let you know if they fully understand the commitment, what’s at stake, and are ready to move forward.

Gymnastics is an exciting sport, and getting involved in a quality competitive program can make being part of a team a wonderful experience. The key is to make sure that you, your child, and the program all have similar goals. Ask plenty of questions, really be sure your child is ready for this moment, and ensure you’re choosing a quality competitive program to set up your child for a future of success.

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