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Gymnastics is good for kids generally, but gymnastics for homeschoolers are especially beneficial. The opportunity for a homeschooled child to interact with peers, engage in physical activity, get out of the house and learn the value of physical education and development is an invaluable one.

At Lake City Twisters, we teach gymnastics to children in Madison, WI. Our programs bring together kids to promote physical and emotional development. If you’re a parent of a homeschooled child, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of gymnastics for homeschoolers.

Spend Time Outside the House

Children who are homeschooled often spend more time at home than children who go to traditional public and private schools. Spending time outside the house is good for your child’s emotional and social development – especially if your child is shy or an introvert. Spending time outside the house and away from parents encourages your child to step outside their comfort zone. This also helps your child develop the flexibility that will help them as they get older.

Best of all, gymnastics is fun for kids! Spending time outside the house in a fun, structured environment can show your child that getting out of the house is an enjoyable activity. If your child is normally inclined to be afraid when spending time away from you, going to gymnastics can take the edge off that experience.

Meet New People, Make Friends

It’s good for your child to spend time with peers. Spending time with other children, they’ll be able to meet new people and make friends. This teaches your child important social development skills that will help them become a happy, functional adult.

As a parent, you can encourage your child to make friends with gymnastics for homeschoolers. You can start by enrolling them in multiple classes. Whenever possible, ask your child about the kids they met in their classes. Once your child has met many peers through their gymnastics program, consider renting the gymnastics facility for your child’s upcoming birthday party. They can invite their fellow gymnasts to a comfortable, familiar environment that they all know and like.

Physical Education with Gymnastics for Homeschoolers

Some parents struggle to provide physical education and development to their homeschooled child. Children enrolled in public and private school get their physical education in gym class, but homeschooled children often don’t have gym class as a part of their at-home education. Taking your child to regular gymnastics class solves this problem easily, especially if you choose to enroll your child in multiple classes throughout the week.

In gymnastics class, your child will develop strength and balance. They’ll also learn the importance of discipline and courage, and that practicing the same routines, again and again, can lead to improvement in challenging physical tasks.

Physical Development Can Be Rewarding

Physical development doesn’t have to be a chore – it’s a pleasure! You’ve probably enrolled your child in gymnastics because they like to perform somersaults, cartwheels, and more. As they excel in their favorite gymnastics routines and also see improvement in their ability to perform difficult gymnastics moves, your child will learn that practice in physical activities can have excellent results.

Parents Get a Break with Gymnastics for Homeschoolers

Many parents find homeschooling to be a very satisfying way to help their child develop into a strong and well-rounded adult. However, parents who are home with their children throughout the day often struggle to find time to run errands and get housework done.

Gymnastics for homeschoolers can help solve this problem! When your child is in class, you can run errands, pick up items from the store, or spend a little quiet time to yourself. This is even more true if you can make arrangements for your child to get a ride to gymnastics with one of their classmates. With your child out of the house for a little while, you’ll have time to perform household maintenance.

Your Child Learns Something You Can’t Teach Them

Maybe you know how to teach your child addition and subtraction. You also know how to teach your child the structure of a sentence, grammar, spelling, and reading.

Do you know how to teach your child to do a backflip? A round-off? Can you teach your child to run safely on the balance beam? Are you able to teach your child how to flip over a bar? Most parents can’t! Don’t worry about it – when you enroll your child in gymnastics, we’ll take care of it for you!

We’ll teach your child a variety of skills they can’t pick up while they’re homeschooling. In addition to the excellent balance and strength that children pick up in gymnastics, they also learn how to perform routines and interact with other kids their own age.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Homeschoolers 

You don’t have to read anymore to learn about the benefits of gymnastics for your child – you can see it for yourself when you enroll your homeschooler in a well-run gymnastics program. To find out more about how your homeschooler can learn the physical and emotional development that comes from gymnastics, enroll your child today. Contact Lake City Twisters to get started.