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Discover the offerings of our Junior Olympic and Youth Xcel programs and find the best fit.

Is your aspiring gymnast ready for new challenges and the thrill of competition? We offer two types of competitive gymnastics training designed to match your child’s skill level, desired time commitment, and interests. In this post, we’ll describe the differences between the two so that you can choose the best competitive gymnastics training for your child. But first, let us tell you how we’re different from other competitive gymnastics training programs in the Madison area.

How we’re different

We are dedicated to creating an environment of positivity and compassion where gymnasts can thrive, and parents can feel confident in their child’s success, safety, and well-being. Both of our competitive gymnastics programs are founded on these principles:
• Compassion
• Empowerment
• Personal development
Our programs offer a unique opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills, build self-esteem and self-discipline, and have fun!

Competitive gymnastics training programs

Our two competitive gymnastics training programs help children develop critical personal and social skills in a safe environment.

How to choose the right competitive gymnastics training program 

To help you select the right competitive gymnastics program for your child, consult the following chart that illustrates how they differ in time commitment, goals or purpose, and training structure:




Time commitment          

Requires a regular time commitment, including training and competition       

Less of a weekly time commitment, giving your child more time to participate in other activities


Geared toward young athletes working toward competing at a collegiate level   

Aimed at young athletes who want to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics, but are not currently seeking to compete at higher levels

Training structure           

•3 compulsory competitive levels                                        

•4 advanced optional levels

•4 competitive levels                                         •Chance to help craft their own routines with varying skills

Benefits of our competitive gymnastics training programs

The Junior Olympics and Youth Xcel training programs offer many additional benefits for young gymnasts, including:
  • Life-coaching sessions: Gymnasts will meet with a certified life coach once a month to focus on maintaining and enhancing emotional health, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-image.
  • Communication skills: We practice techniques like deep listening and self-expression to help gymnasts strengthen their communication skills and build positive relationships on and off the mat.
  • Practicing gratitude: Gymnasts must give back to their community by performing at least two volunteer activities, such as lending a hand at a food pantry or supporting other kids at the gym. This experience helps foster an “attitude of gratitude,” which can help with their athletic performance and overall well-being.
  • Growth mindset development: Our philosophy is to embrace setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow. We teach gymnasts that the only path to success is meeting goals one step at a time.

What parents say about our programs

Below you’ll find just some of the comments from actual parents of children who have participated in our competitive gymnastics training programs.
“Our daughter loves Lake City Twisters,” says Rachel, the parent of a competitive gymnastics participant who started going to open play as a toddler, then progressed to classes and preteam before enrolling in competitive levels. “She feels like the coaches really care about her, know how to encourage her, and what their expectations are. We always feel our daughter is safe and well cared for and trust her coaches’ knowledge of the sport and what is required for growth.”
“We only have great things to say about Lake City Twisters,” says Jen and Travis, parents of another competitive gymnast. “The competent and talented staff guide and direct our daughter at each practice, which has improved her skills immensely. Staff are committed to meeting each gymnast where they are at and then proceed to guide each individual to improve his or her skills. Peers are encouraged to cheer each other on which promotes a team atmosphere. My daughter has grown in confidence and ability which is evident in her skills and personality in and out of the gym. Thanks Lake City Twisters!!!!”
And Debbie says, “Coaches are wonderful and very knowledgeable about the sport of gymnastics. A great gymnastics community as well as an impressive competitive team.”
Read more of our testimonials on our website here.
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