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Whether you’re considering gymnastics for yourself or your child, you’re undoubtedly wondering about the ideal age for gymnastics. All-stars like Simone Biles hit the gym in earnest starting at six years of age or younger, after all. But that’s not the journey for everyone. So, the ideal age to naturally varies according to your goals. To help you find the answer to this pressing question, here’s a look at just how old is too old to start gymnastics.

Gymnastics Fun Has No Age Limit

Gymnastics is a fun activity for people of all ages. If you’re just aiming to have fun, there’s no age limit to keep in mind. If you start enjoying recreational gymnastics at a later age, you might have to work a little harder to get your flexibility back, but it’s not impossible to do so.

In fact, the challenge can add to the fun and keep you inspired to continue working toward your goals. Beyond that, you just have to start slow and work on increasing your skills – no matter what age you begin participating in this fun activity.

Ideal Age to Start Gymnastics Competitively

Competitive-minded participants should think about starting their gymnastics journey ASAP. After age 12, it becomes much more difficult, if not outright impossible, to earn scholarships, participate in high-level events, and qualify for the Olympics.

Fortunately, young gymnasts can start gymnastics participating in the JO and Xcel competitive programs pretty early in life. Both programs allow kids as young as five to compete against their peers. Then, they can go up the levels as they develop new skills and grow older.

Gymnastic Training Opportunities for Kids

Kids have many exciting gymnastic training opportunities to consider at Lake City Twisters and beyond. Oftentimes, they start at the recreational level before deciding to move onto the competitive world.

Class Levels for Recreational Youth Start Gymnastics

If you want to get your kids into gymnastics, consider starting as early as possible with tumbling sessions at kiddie gyms. After that, you can start putting them in structured co-ed gymnastics classes at around age three to four. As they learn new skills, they can move through the recreational classes to keep pushing their journey forward.

Each new class offers different opportunities to practice the:

  • Tumbling mats
  • Tumble track
  • Balance beam
  • Uneven bars
  • Trampoline
  • Foam pits

Gymnasts interested in participating in events can move into a competitive junior gymnastic training program. With that move, they’ll learn the high-level coaching needed to excel at all levels of competition.

Exciting Gym Sessions Open to All Youth

Whether you have a budding Olympian on your hands or a kid with a dire need to get their wiggles out, the open gym is the place to go, for sure. In an open gym, kids can come down for regular playtimes and try out all the equipment for themselves. They can bounce on the trampolines, tightrope walks across the balance beam, or just do safe flips on the mats and into the foam pits.

Obstacle courses and other interesting challenges add to the magic, often igniting a passion to start gymnastics. Before you know it, your kids will likely end up asking for even more time in the gym. You can either do that by coming into the open gym more often or adding gymnastics classes to their schedule.

Benefits of Being Able to Start Gymnastics at Any Age

Gymnastics offers many mental and physical health benefits, including:

Gain Strength

As you learn how to fluidly do all the different gymnastics moves, you’ll gradually gain strength, starting with your core. Your ability to perform the movements will improve as a result, making it easier to push to the next level.

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is key if you want to do all the gymnastics movements with ease. So, you’ll need to gradually stretch it out before every session, which will help you become much more flexible over time.

Better Balance

While tumbling, walking along the balance beam, and even stretching, your balance will improve by leaps and bounds. When coupled with your newfound strength, better balance will improve your overall coordination as well.

Increase Self Discipline

Upon starting your gymnastics journey, you’ll need to set small goals and achieve them to keep moving forward. This process will greatly improve your self-discipline, especially as you start seeing the results of your hard work.

Build Confidence

Achieving your goals in the gym helps build confidence, improving your self-esteem with every gymnastics session. As you feel better about yourself all together, your confidence can help you excel at work and in building strong personal relationships.

With a look at these benefits, it’s clear that gymnastics is a wise move at any age. Just be sure to take it slow to start, and then gradually add more and more challenging movements to your routine.

Ready to Start Gymnastics with Lake City Twisters?

If you want to explore beginner, intermediate, and competitive gymnastics classes, start with a call to Lake City Twisters at 608-245-9565. We will help you find the ideal level of support for your child – or even point you in the right direction for adult gymnastics experiences. So, please feel free to reach out whenever you want to explore the possibilities in the world of gymnastics.