We are dedicated to helping children and teens develop through enriching experiences with recreational and competitive gymnastics training. Read through these testimonials from past and current participants and their parents to learn more about how we’ve helped them or their child become more confident, independent, and responsible.
“My 6 year old son loves his Younger Kids gymnastics class! He was a true beginner and they were very patient and encouraging. The fact that there were other boys in his class made him ecstatic! The staff is kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We love the coaches and are impressed with how much it has helped him with his balance and listening. Not only do we love class, we also take full advantage of their Open Gym hours. There is so much for him to do. LCT has great areas with tumble track, foam pit and trampolines. The whole gym presents a safe environment for kids to release their energy. My son’s favorite things are the inflatable houses and obstacle course. Any day spent at Lake City Twisters whether class or open gym are some of him favorite times of the week!”
Gymnastics Classes and Open Gym Parent
"My daughter, who is 9, has been going to this gym since she was 4 years old. My daughter can't wait to go to practice every day and try out new skills! She has worked directly with Aubrie for several years now. As a parent, I can see that Aubrie has my daughter's best interest at heart. I also appreciate that there are different coaches available to help my daughter work through any problems she encounters with a skill. The coaches are respectable and also professional. I highly recommend Lake City Twisters for beginners or for higher optional levels."
Competitive Gymnastics Parent
“Coaches are wonderful and very knowledgeable about the sport of gymnastics. A great gymnastics community as well as an impressive competitive team.”
Competitive Gymnastic Parent
“Our 8-year-old competes on Team, and our 6-year-old and 3-year-old are both in recreational classes. Truly, the very best part of their week is coming to the gym; they can't get enough time with their coaches and friends here! The staff are the BEST-- kind, encouraging, fun, and supportive, while still offering excellent instruction and providing a challenge. It's been amazing to watch the girls' growth since switching to the programs here at LCT. Their strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence have increased exponentially. We feel incredibly lucky to be part of the Lake City Twisters family!”
Xcel and Gymnastics Classes Parent
“We only have great things to say about Lake City Twisters. The competent and talented staff guide and direct our daughter at each practice, which has improved her skills immensely. Staff are committed to meeting each gymnast where they are at and then proceed to guide each individual to improve his or her skills. Peers are encouraged to cheer each other on which promotes a team atmosphere. My daughter has grown in confidence and ability which is evident in her skills and personality in and out of the gym. Thanks Lake City Twisters!!!!”
Jen and Travis
Competitive Gymnastics Parents
“Our daughter loves Lake City Twisters! She started as a toddler coming to open gym, then started classes, progressed to pre-team, and then joined the competitive levels. She feels like the coaches really care about her, know how to encourage her, and what their expectations are. As parents we love to see what a positive experience she has at the gym with her teammates (the older gymnasts have always served as excellent role models). We always feel our daughter is safe and well cared for, and trust her coaches knowledge of the sport and what is required for growth.”
Competitive Gymnastic Parent

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“I joined Madtown Twisters in the August of 2018, which a year later became LCT. In the time I’ve been here I’ve gotten to be part of the wonderful culture that this place radiates. The staff here are very welcoming and are always available to talk to if I need anything. The culture at LCT is enjoyable to be a part of and produces phenomenal results. Every day I look forward to going to the gym. When walking in, it is usual to be greeted by the front desk, my coaches, or my teammates.”
Level 10 Gymnast
“We recently relocated to Wisconsin and a very important element of the move was to find a new gym for my daughters. Lake City Twisters (LCT) was one of the gyms we visited. After meeting the coach, we knew Lake City Twitters was the perfect fit for us. The gym is very inviting for new students and the coaches care about the athletes. They take time with the girls and make them feel very comfortable. The staff is extremely friendly. It’s a very diverse gym, we have one daughter on team and the other daughter just does recreational gymnastics. Both of our daughters cannot wait to go to practice. The coaches get results through positive coaching. LCT is a great place to call home for gymnastics! We are very proud to be part of LCT.”
Gymnastic Classes & Competitive Gymnastics Parent
"Lake City held a private party for us and the kids had such a great time! The staff working were friendly, gave clear expectations of safety guidelines, and had an energy the kids loved. Thanks Lake City Twisters for making this night so fun and stress free for staff and kids alike!"
Lynn Watkins
Sacred Hearts Daycare
“I have been at LCT for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t love it more! I love to practice every day knowing that the coaches will be there to support me and help me reach my goals. Everyone in the gym is so kind and inspiring, and always puts a smile on my face! I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing team, and gym!”
Level 9 Gymnast
"Hello Lake City Twisters! I wanted to say thank you again for allowing the East Madison Extended Day classroom have an hour of Open Gym play. Your space was a great place to give the children an opportunity to not only explore the equipment you provide for your athletes but to run and play in a open space during the winter time. Gross motor activities are very important to pre-school aged children and there aren't very many places indoors where our children can easily access. The children had a blast and were talking about their time at Lake City Twisters for days! Thank you again and we hope to visit Lake City Twisters again!"
Maria Musolf
Bilingual Family Outreach Worker
“Being a member of Lake city twisters has helped me to be a better person and gymnast. The coaches give good pointers to help learn skills and they are all very supportive. The coaches help the whole team feel like a family and everyone is very encouraging. This gym has helped me to learn and grow in many ways and push me to my full potential. I am always excited to go to practice. It is the best part of every day!”
Level 7 Gymnast