Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Madison, WI

In a place where optimism flourishes, our gymnastics classes for kids are designed for young athletes – beginning at 3 years old until the age of 18. We skillfully challenge and introduce each gymnast to skills and techniques for their unique skill level – all while enjoying the benefits of a group setting.

Tots and Younger Kids Gymnastics Classes 

Our dedicated coaches bring an atmosphere of fun to learning. In our Independent Tots and Younger Kids level classes, we incorporate a weekly theme with props, decorations, and activities. At each level, we integrate props and equipment, games, and fun drills to teach appropriate skills at each stage of an athlete’s advancement. Explore our complete Class Schedule to view all of our available class offerings in Madison, WI.

Advantages of Getting Your Child Started with Gymnastics 

At Lake City Twisters Gymnastics we teach more than just gymnastics. We teach hard work, perseverance, independence, and accountability while using the sport of gymnastics to enforce these life skills.  We love watching our young athletes advance in gymnastics and develop important cognitive and social skills they need to succeed now and later in life.

Why get your child involved in gymnastics? Here are a few advantages to getting them started young and giving them a head start.

  • Develop Cognitive Skills – Starting your child in gymnastics while they’re young assists in cognitive growth. While engaging in gymnastics activities, your child will utilize both the left and right sides of the brainresponsible for creative and analytical thinking skills.
  • Build Healthy Bones – Gymnastics assists children in developing strong bones which benefits them for life.
  • Learn Discipline and Self-Control – Kids that take gymnastics classes develop discipline and self-control at a young age – valuable skills they will need to succeed in life.
  • Gain Social Skills – Our gymnastics classes gives your child the chance to socialize with other children their age. This helps teach them teamwork and important social skills. 
  • Strength, Coordination, and Flexibility – Introducing your child to gymnastics is a great way to build strength, coordination, and flexibility. At Lake City Twisters, our fun gymnastics exercises will help your child build core, lower body, and upper body strength. 
 Read information about the benefits of gymnastics for your child and more on the Lake City Twisters blog.

Enroll Your Child in Gymnastics Classes in Madison, WI Today

From parent-child and tot-centric classes to advanced and pre-team instruction, we invite you and your child to enroll in Lake City Twisters gymnastics classes. We are proud to offer kids gymnastics classes in Madison, WI that value compassion, personal development, and safety. 

Check out our Class Schedule to find a description of each class we offer, our class schedule, and how to enroll your child in a class.

Gymnastics Classes

Motivating instruction

You’ll never hear our coaches using authoritative, ego-driven instructions. Instead, our athletes derive the personal motivation they need to succeed.

Gymnastics Classes

Encouraging coaches

Whether a young gymnast hits the mark or not, our coaches are bursting with compliments and an encouraging perspective that invites opportunities to learn and grow.

Gymnastics Classes

Safe environment

Just when a new skill or apparatus seems impossible, our highly attentive and trained team helps athletes progress their skills in a gym where safety always comes first.

Gymnastics Classes


At its core, gymnastics is fun! We encourage young athletes to let loose and have some fun as they discover the joys of movement, play, and personal development.

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See What Parents Say

“I joined Madtown Twisters in the August of 2018, which a year later became LCT. In the time I’ve been here I’ve gotten to be part of the wonderful culture that this place radiates. The staff here are very welcoming and are always available to talk to if I need anything. The culture at LCT is enjoyable to be a part of and produces phenomenal results. Every day I look forward to going to the gym. When walking in, it is usual to be greeted by the front desk, my coaches, or my teammates.”
Level 10 Gymnast
“I have been at LCT for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t love it more! I love to practice every day knowing that the coaches will be there to support me and help me reach my goals. Everyone in the gym is so kind and inspiring, and always puts a smile on my face! I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing team, and gym!”
Level 9 Gymnast