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Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s special day? A gymnastics-themed birthday party is a perfect idea for active children. Your child and their guests will have a blast tumbling and twirling to their heart’s content. If you are considering a gymnastics party, you have a couple of options: have it at home or go big and hold it at a gymnastics gym like Lake City Twisters.

No matter what option you choose, or if you decide to combine a home party with some time at the gymnastics gym, we’ve come up with some helpful gymnastics birthday party ideas. From invitations to refreshments to actual gymnastics playtime, we’ve packed some of the best tips and ideas to ensure you’re prepared to throw a memorable and fun-packed birthday party.

1 – Start with Themed Invitations

Start planning your party with gymnastics-themed invitations. Not only do they set the tone for the party, but they’ll give you a chance to inform other parents what’s going on. The Lake City Twisters’ Gymnastics Private Party Package includes 1 hour in our gymnastics gym and 45 minutes in our party room.

2 – Decorate the Gym or at Home with the Gymnastics Theme

Definitely don’t forget about some gymnastics-themed decorations for your party. If you’ll be holding it at the gym, find out if they take care of decorations. If not, ask if you’re able to bring your own to decorate the party area. If you are doing the refreshments at home and playtime at the gym, you can use all the themed decorations in your home and skip decorating at the gym. If you decide to decorate, consider making your party feel like a gymnastics award ceremony by incorporating fun decorations such as an award ribbon banner/garland, trophies, or scoreboard favors. 

3 – Create a Party Playlist and Ask to Play It

If you’re looking for great gymnastics birthday party ideas to take the party to the next level, you’ll definitely want to create a party playlist. Think about songs your kids love listening to when they’re playing or practicing gymnastics at home. Make your own playlist including those favorites or check out this fun dance playlist that will get everyone moving. Most gyms have the ability to pump in music, but make sure to ask if you’re allowed to bring your own tunes for them to play while the kids have fun tumbling.

4 – Find Out About Refreshments

Is food included in the package price if you’re holding your party at the gymnastics gym? Some gyms may include pizza or other party food in the price of your party package. Also, find out if beverages are included. If not, inquire about bringing your own refreshments. If the gym doesn’t allow food on site, then you’ll need to plan refreshments at your home or another party area. At Lake City Twisters, we ask that guests bring their own food and refreshments. However, we provide plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for any guests booking a private party package.

5 – Choose a Gymnastics-Themed Cake

It’s possible that the gym will order cupcakes for your party, but another of the great gymnastics birthday party ideas is to pick out a gymnastics-themed cake for your birthday girl or boy. Since it’ll likely be a custom-made cake, make sure that you pick out a design and order it well in advance to pick it up the day before or the day of the party. Whether you indulge in cake at the gymnastics gym or you have it at your home with additional refreshments, the themed cake is sure to be a huge hit. And don’t forget to take photos of your child with the special cake before you cut it. Those memories are priceless.

6 – Don’t Forget Gymnastics-Themed Party Favors

Even if you purchase a party package from a gym, most won’t hand out party favors, so plan ahead to have your own gymnastics-themed party favors on hand. At Lake City Twisters, we offer optional add-on party favors for all of your guests including an LCT water bottle filled with candy and a free open gym pass.

Some other excellent gymnastics-themed favor ideas include:

  • Gymnastics decorated cookies to take home
  • Tumbling bracelets
  • Gymnastic medals favors
  • Gymnastics themed stickers
  • Small gym bags
  • Tumbling themed hair ties
  • Personalized gymnastics themed keychains
  • Personalized gymnastics hand sanitizers
  • Tumbling themed reusable water bottles

7 – Let Kids Enjoy Supervised Gymnastics Play

One option that gymnastics gyms offer for birthday parties is letting kids enjoy supervised gymnastics play before they head off to enjoy party refreshments. This means that kids get to engage in free play on beams, bars, ropes, and far more. Supervision is provided as children use the gymnastics equipment, and parents can watch from inside or outside the gym, depending on where you book your party. Unsupervised play is the perfect choice if you have younger children who may not be interested in more structured activities.

8 – Add an Instructor-Taught Gymnastics Class to Your Party

Another excellent gymnastics birthday party idea is to add an instructor-taught gymnastics class to the party. This often works better for older children who will enjoy having an instructor lead them through gymnastics activities that may include warmups, floor exercises, obstacle courses, or trampoline fun. An instructor-taught class followed by some supervised playtime where kids can just enjoy playing on all the fun equipment is an excellent option, too. If you’re interested in an instructor-led class, consider choosing the private party package at Lake City Twisters. For 1 hour, one of our experienced instructors will help guide your child and their guests through fun activities in our gymnastics gym. 

Book a Gymnastics Birthday Party with Lake City Twisters

Are you ready to book your gymnastics birthday party? At Lake City Twisters, we create a safe and fun environment for your child to enjoy their birthday. Our private birthday party package includes a complimentary LCT water bottle, an obstacle course, an inflatable bouncy house, and more games to keep the fun going. Book now and create memories for years to come!