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Competitive Team Gymnastics Madison, WI

Within Wisconsin state, the Lake City Twisters program for competitive team gymnastics Madison, WI stands as one of the top-rated gymnastics programs. Over the years, we have set a record of producing state champions every year, with regional and national qualifiers throughout our program.

At Lake City Twisters, our goal is to create a welcoming home for our athletes, not only by providing guidance and instruction, but also imparting accountability, determination, and work ethic. In molding an all-round athlete, we accentuate a holistic approach to coaching, while working with each athlete individually to determine goals and plans whilst maintaining high standards of character and effort.

Competitive Team Gymnastics Madison, WI Programs

We offer extensive gymnastics training through two unique programs:

Youth Xcel Gymnastics Program

This category of competitive team gymnastics is designed for kids who would like to compete, but still have time to pursue other activities. The program includes practicing at least two days per week and they can participate in three or five competitions per year.  Xcel gymnasts can also advance to state and regional competitions by obtaining advancement scores.

Developmental Program

This program is divided into three compulsory levels and five optional levels of skill development within our program, which are distinguished by skill development and advancement, as well as age. In the optional levels, the opportunity to advance to state, regional, and national level competitions can be obtained by reaching advancement scores.

Even though most competitive gymnastics adopt my way or the highway coaching style, at Lake City Twisters we employ a refreshing approach, which is built on compassion, personal development, and empowerment. Our coaches and gymnasts work as a team to embed physical and emotional resilience as the gymnasts advance to their peak performance.

We have our compulsory level program, (levels 3 – 5), which competes in the fall and winter, whereas our optional program (levels 6 – 10) and Xcel program (Bronze-Diamond) compete in the winter/spring. Typically, we take part in 5 – 7 meets per season within the state and in the region, having very high chances of advancing to regional and even national meets.

Classes for Competitive Team Gymnastics Madison, WI

In Madison, WI, we offer a range of classes for various levels, such as:

Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Our classes for kids are specially designed for young athletes, ranging from 3 years old to 18 years old. Skillfully, we challenge and introduce each athlete to techniques for their unique level, earning the convenience of a group setting.

Toddlers and Younger Kids Gymnastics Classes

Toddlers and younger kids require a conducive atmosphere to make learning fun and enjoyable. This is what our coaches are dedicated to bringing to this level of gymnastics. In our Independent Tots and Younger Kids level classes, we incorporate a weekly theme with props, decorations, and activities.

At each level, we integrate props and equipment, games, and fun drills to teach appropriate skills at each stage of the athlete’s progress.

Benefits of Competitive Team Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an all-around sport incorporating hard work, perseverance, accountability, and independence. This is what we teach all our athletes apart from regular gymnastics to enforce quality life skills as the kids advance into young adult life.

Here are some benefits of getting your child started with competitive team gymnastics Madison WI:

Develops Cognitive Skills

Getting your child started with gymnastics helps in cognitive development.

While engaging in this activity, your child will capitalize on both the right and left sides of the brain, developing creative and analytical thinking skills.

Strength, Coordination, & Flexibility

Starting your child off with competitive team gymnastics Madison WI, is a great way to build strength, coordination, and flexibility. At Lake City Twisters, our tailored gymnastics exercises will help your child build core, lower body, and upper body strength. Gymnastics will also help your child to develop strong bones, which benefits them for life.

Learning Discipline & Self-Control

Kids that take gymnastics classes develop discipline and self-control at a young age. These are valuable social skills they will need to succeed in life. Our gymnastics classes give your child the chance to socialize with other children of their age. This helps teach them teamwork and important social skills.

Enroll Your Child in Competitive Team Gymnastics Madison, WI

Lake City Twisters Gymnastics does not only offer classes for gymnastics but also holistic individual training to develop the character of your child. To say, your child leaves Lake City as a different person. We, therefore, invite you to enroll your child with us for gymnastics classes.

Our classes place high regard on compassion, safety, and personal development. You can check out our class schedule to find a description of each class we offer, our class schedule, and how to enroll your child in a class.

The staff is committed to meeting each gymnast where they are and then proceeding to guide each individual to improve his or her skills. Peers are encouraged to cheer each other on, which promotes a team atmosphere. If you need more information about competitive team gymnastics Madison WI, please contact us today.

Gymnastics Classes

Life-coaching sessions

Once every month, gymnasts will meet with a certified life coach to enhance self-image, emotional health, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Gymnastics Classes

Communication skill enhancement

Gymnasts are encouraged to practice deep listening and self-expression techniques that help enhance relationships and desired outcomes.

Gymnastics Classes

Gratitude experiences

Gymnasts complete at least two volunteer activities to cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ from experiences at local organizations like food pantries or helping kids at the gym.

Gymnastics Classes

Growth mindset development

Our family of experienced coaches embraces setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow. Meeting goals one step at a time – missteps included – is the only path to success.

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See What Parents Say

"My daughter, who is 9, has been going to this gym since she was 4 years old. My daughter can't wait to go to practice every day and try out new skills! She has worked directly with Aubrie for several years now. As a parent, I can see that Aubrie has my daughter's best interest at heart. I also appreciate that there are different coaches available to help my daughter work through any problems she encounters with a skill. The coaches are respectable and also professional. I highly recommend Lake City Twisters for beginners or for higher optional levels."
Competitive Gymnastics Parent
“Coaches are wonderful and very knowledgeable about the sport of gymnastics. A great gymnastics community as well as an impressive competitive team.”
Competitive Gymnastic Parent
“We only have great things to say about Lake City Twisters. The competent and talented staff guide and direct our daughter at each practice, which has improved her skills immensely. Staff are committed to meeting each gymnast where they are at and then proceed to guide each individual to improve his or her skills. Peers are encouraged to cheer each other on which promotes a team atmosphere. My daughter has grown in confidence and ability which is evident in her skills and personality in and out of the gym. Thanks Lake City Twisters!!!!”
Jen and Travis
Competitive Gymnastics Parents
“Our daughter loves Lake City Twisters! She started as a toddler coming to open gym, then started classes, progressed to pre-team, and then joined the competitive levels. She feels like the coaches really care about her, know how to encourage her, and what their expectations are. As parents we love to see what a positive experience she has at the gym with her teammates (the older gymnasts have always served as excellent role models). We always feel our daughter is safe and well cared for, and trust her coaches knowledge of the sport and what is required for growth.”
Competitive Gymnastic Parent