About Lake City Twisters

About Lake City Twisters

About Us

Hello! I’m Aubrie Davis, the proud and passionate owner of Lake City Twisters, formerly Madtown Twisters East. After 10 incredible years managing Madtown Twisters East – beginning on the very first day it opened – I was thrilled with the opportunity to fulfill my dream of acquiring this gym that feels like home to me.

What We Do

In keeping with the tradition of the previous name, our children’s gymnastics gym is focused on providing enriching and positive learning experiences for participants of all ages. From little tykes to advanced teen programs, we offer comprehensive classes and competitive gymnastics training to residents in and around Madison, WI. Whether your child is just starting out or has been training for years, we’ll help them progress at their own pace and skill level – while they develop valuable life skills they’ll cherish forever.

Our Philosophy

I genuinely love coaching and the sport of gymnastics. I’m honored to play a role in helping to shape young lives and truly make an impact. Having young children myself, I realize what an asset a positive role model can be, and that’s what our team strives to be for all our athletes. Putting my psychology degree to work, I help create an environment where gymnasts feel good about their participation here. Our team encourages athletes to develop both their physical and emotional health and dream even bigger than they could ever imagine. It’s amazing to see what happens when people see how different we are from other gyms! This is a place where compassion defeats ego, and learning takes place with every step forward, no matter the outcome. And through this philosophy, we know that success – in every sense of the word – will come. Reach out to us online to boost your child’s confidence, strength, social skills, and more through gymnastics.
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About Aubrie

I’m a married mom of two young boys and lucky enough to have been in the gymnastics world nearly all my life. As a talented coach for over 48 years, my mom was the driving force behind my passion. When I was growing up, I spent my days at the gym with her. She served as the head coach of the UW-Whitewater team, private clubs, and high school teams. My mom not only passed down her meticulous technical knowledge but also the personal transformative power of the sport.

I began coaching with her when I was 16 years old and never stopped because I love it so much! I coached all through college, starting at Oklahoma State and finishing at Edgewood, and became one of the youngest coaches to have a Level 10 National Champion. Today, my mom and I coach here together, and our gymnasts are just like part of our family.