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Attending with your child an open gym gymnastics training is a wonderful way to support their development, regardless of the child’s skill or experience level. At the same time, gymnastics for kids boosts overall health (physical and mental) while simultaneously nurturing confidence and self-worth.

Regular physical activity such as gymnastics is proven to enhance children’s cardiorespiratory fitness. It also increases mental well-being and may even reduce the risk of developing certain chronic health conditions in the future. Gymnastics in particular has a positive impact on bone, muscle, and cognitive health. Extensive profiling of Olympian Simone Biles and recent awareness of the importance of athletes as role models for children and adolescents means that general interest in gymnastics has never been higher.

5 Benefits of Open Gym Gymnastics for Kids

Open gym gymnastics shares many of the same fundamental benefits of traditional gymnastics classes. This is a safe and sociable activity that builds both physical strength and confidence in kids and encourages them to work toward goals individually and as part of a team. These are only the beginning of all the benefits of open gym gymnastics, however.

Safe Space to Harness Creativity

The general concept of open gym gymnastics is that participants take part in unstructured gym activities. While at first glance it may appear chaotic, that’s actually exactly where the beauty lies in this sport.

At an open gymnastics gym, children are given the freedom to make their own decisions as they experience different zones and experiment with a variety of equipment. With this freedom comes the creativity and confidence for children to shape their practice and find their own feet, literally and figuratively.

Rest assured, no child who trains in an open gym setting will ever be left unattended or unsupervised. Professional gym coaches are always on hand, keeping watch and assisting. However, all children are given the liberty of carving their own way, an important concept of open gym gymnastics.

Increased Coordination and Motor Skills

Coordination is an important motor skill for children to develop and cultivate as they grow. We all depend on motor skills to undertake daily tasks such as eating, typing on a keyboard, writing, and even using our beloved technological devices.

Gymnastics for kids supports the maturation of these crucial motor skills. Children who practice gymnastics constantly perform minor adjustments through a swift succession of movements.

The speed required to practice gymnastics sharpens children’s awareness and concentration, thus improving coordination substantially. The end result is the continual enhancement of fine motor skills.

Foundation for Flexibility

As with all gymnastics for kids, open gym gymnastics builds flexibility. The concept of flexibility, however, goes beyond what we see on the surface. The more flexible a child’s muscles are, the lower the risk that he or she might strain a muscle or tear a tendon while completing basic everyday tasks or engaging in other active pursuits.

Enhanced flexibility also means that the muscles are able to perform at their most optimal levels. This is why it’s so important for any cardio activity to start with light stretching, and more importantly, conclude with a stretching sequence. The earlier a child can start to build their flexibility core, the better. This is precisely why it’s not at all uncommon to see toddlers enrolled in gymnastics classes.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Boost

Gaining physical strength and an awareness of what the human body is capable of will only boost the confidence of your child. An open gym gymnastics class is a safe space for children to challenge themselves and see the direct outcome of their efforts. Participation in gymnastics yields immediate results that only improve with regular practice.

With encouragement and support from both parents and expert coaches, young athletes can realize their potential and see how their efforts pay off in mastery of this exciting sport. At the same time, children will also learn how to interact with coaches and peers, developing crucial social and communication skills.

Open Gym Gymnastics Is Great Fun for Kids

Last, but certainly not least, gymnastics is a fun way to learn and practice! The concept of the open gym is centered firmly around each child having a great time with their peers. In most cases, there is the option to introduce light competition – after all, a little healthy competition is good for kids – but competing is never, under any circumstances, the sole focus of open gym gymnastics.

If your child is reluctant to participate in team sports, then you may want to consider trying out open gym gymnastics as an ideal alternative solution. One of the main bonuses is the social opportunity that the classes provide.

Excellent Open Gym Gymnastics for Kids

Ultimately, participating in gymnastics training instills discipline in young athletes. By discovering the value of perseverance in a fun, exciting, and supportive environment, your child will quickly learn to see the value in challenging themselves. They can then apply this concept directly to other areas in their lives and studies.

Lake City Twisters provides a safe and inspiring environment for tots, children, and young people alike to practice gymnastics. We run a full schedule of gymnastics classes for kids, as well as open gym gymnastics. Please view our open gym schedule online. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping your young athlete get stronger!