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Learn more about what Lake City Twisters children’s gymnastics gym has to offer.

If you’re new to our gym – or haven’t visited since we were Madtown Twisters – there’s so much exciting information to share! In this post, we’ll cover the top things you should know about our children’s gymnastics gym in the following categories:
  • Reasons to choose us
  • Our gymnastics classes for kids
  • Our kids’ birthday party venue
  • Our open gym gymnastics
  • Our competitive gymnastics programs
  • How to get your child started
Keep reading to learn more about us to see if we’re a fit for your family below.

Reasons to choose our children’s gymnastics gym

1. A positivity-rich culture and environment will help your child feel good about their participation here.
2. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and emotional health that will help them blossom into responsible and conscientious young citizens.
3. Whatever your child’s aspirations, we’ll help them dream even bigger than they can imagine.
4. Your child can discover a path to success that’s lined with learning opportunities at every step, regardless of the outcome.
5. Your child’s determination and strength will be cultivated from within, not the result of an ego-driven team of coaches.
6. Through transformative experiences like volunteering that help foster an “attitude of gratitude,” your child will have access to tools that help them thrive in and out of the gym.
Learn more about our philosophy and what makes us different on our About Us page. 

Things to know about our kids’ gymnastics classes

7. Your child can begin classes as soon as they can walk and continue until the age of 18.

8. You’ll find a variety of classes for every age and goal, including parent-child and tot-centric classes to advanced and pre-team instruction.
9. The safety of your child remains the highest priority for our highly attentive and trained team.
10. Our unique individualized instruction techniques will help your child advance at their own pace while also enjoying the benefits of a group setting.
11. Whether your child hits the mark or not, they’ll receive compliments and encouragement that help them develop a growth mindset as they learn and grow.
12. Your child will discover the joys of gymnastics through classes that are playful and fun.
Learn more about our gymnastics classes for kids here.

Things to know about our kids’ birthday party venue

13. Choose from a private party with one-hour of instructor time or an open gym party during open public play times, plus celebratory time in our party room.

14. Your child and their guests will enjoy an abundance of engaging activities that will keep them going, including a bouncy house, foam pit, obstacle course, and trampoline.
15. All event guests are in good hands with our team of highly trained professionals who will be on-site to ensure everyone is having fun safely.
16. From plates and utensils to post-party clean-up, we’ll take care of all the logistics so you can focus on the celebration.
17. Your child – or the birthday party guest of honor – will receive a complimentary Lake City Twisters water bottle to take home.
Learn more about holding an event, including birthday parties and field trips here.

Things to know about our open gym gymnastics

18. Whether your child has tried gymnastics before or not, they are free to explore the fun challenges and activities in our gym at their own pace.

19. Choose from two unique experiences, including the main gym for all ages and a “tots” gym for children 6 and under.
20. You and your child are sure to appreciate our climate-controlled environment perfect for burning energy when it’s too hot, cold, wet – or anything else – outside!
21. You can rest assured that we have a constant watchful eye on the action to ensure your child is safe as they explore and play.
22. Your child will be thoroughly entertained with a slew of kid-friendly activities, including an obstacle course, bouncy house, trampoline, and more.
Learn more about our open play gymnastics here.

Things to know about our competitive gymnastics programs

23. Aspiring competitors can choose between our Junior Olympic or Youth Xcel program, depending on their desires, skill level, and qualifications.

24. Your child will learn physical and emotional resilience as they work toward their goals in a positive environment that favors compassion, empowerment, and personal development.
25. With supportive guidance from a monthly session with a life coach, young athletes can enhance their self-image, self-esteem, and self-awareness.
26. Learning to enhance relationships and desired outcomes through honed communication skills is yet another benefit of our competitive gymnastics programs.
27. As part of cultivating a growth mindset, athletes are encouraged to embrace setbacks as part of the path to success.
Learn more about our competitive gymnastics programs here.

How to get your child started

28. To register for gymnastics classes for kids, review our Class schedule and Registration and Policies pages to get started.

29. To attend or hold an event, including a birthday party or field trip, visit our Event CalendarBirthday Parties, or Field Trips page for more information.
30. To participate in open play gym, check out our open play gymnastics schedule and complete the participation form and waiver.
31. For competitive gymnastics or answers to questions, contact us here.
To learn even more about our gymnastics gym for kids, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Meet our Team pages. You may also reach out to us online or call 608.245.9565 today.